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Anno 1701

Anno 1701

Discover, Build and Rule Your New World.

1701 A.D. Gold Edition includes the critically acclaimed empire building strategy game 1701 A.D. and introduces the expansion 1701 A.D. — The Sunken Dragon. The Sunken Dragon adds to 1701 A.D.’s nearly limitless replayability with a new 11-mission, story-driven campaign and a new world editor that allows gamers to design and share maps for single-player or online play. New computer artificial intelligence profiles, buildings, subquests and an empire-shattering new natural disaster add even more depth to the robust 1701 A.D. experience.

1701 A.D. Gold Edition takes players to an 18th-century land under the Queen’s orders to develop settlements and grow a massive empire. Players must keep their citizenry happy by developing and acquiring goods to satisfy their ever-growing needs while working to gain the upper hand on opponents. Gamers will challenge wily AI antagonists, each with unique personalities and traits, or take on human opposition online and interact with them through diplomacy, trade, sabotage, espionage and even military might in order to reign supreme in the New World.


Maximum interaction with the gaming environment through numerous details such as the cheers or protests of the population in the village center, lovingly animated portraits with audio, and the ability to negotiate and engage in diplomacy with foreign peoples.

Extremely detailed, lifelike graphics, unprecedented effects and breathtaking realism permeate flora and fauna, village life and even natural disasters such as hurricanes, volcano eruptions and earthquakes.

A unique information mode and stunningly simple, clearly structured user interface give even beginners an ideal point of entry to the game.

More than 100 sub-quests are integrated dynamically into the game. Players can choose whether or not to accept them. Successful completion brings suitable rewards.

Clandestine diplomacy involving special operations such as sabotage, espionage and demagoguery opens up intelligent, strategic options to proceed.

A multiplayer mode supports up to four players over a LAN or the Internet. Cooperative play is also possible.

Winning conditions can be freely configured for single and multiplayers in the continuous game.

Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
2,2 GHz Intel Pentium 4® or equivalent processor
512 MB RAM
Video card: 64 MB with 1.1 pixel shader
3,5 GB Harddrive
DirectX® 9.0c-compatible soundcard
Version 9.0c DirectX
Keyboard & Mouse

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