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Heart Of Darkness

Heart Of Darkness

In HEART OF DARKNESS, a solar eclipse causes some strange things to happen. Namely, an alien force kidnaps Andy’s dog, Whisky. Take control of Andy as he travels through eight unique worlds and solves puzzles. Some puzzles require lots of shooting, while others require lots of thinking. Full-motion video clips reward the player for solving puzzles and advance the plot. Play HEART OF DARKNESS, and help Andy save Whisky.
Eight worlds with 176 locations, variety of puzzles and traps, clear and detailed sound effects and musical soundtrack, over 30 minutes of film

System: 486/66 or equivalent
RAM: 16 MB
Video Memory: 1 MB
Hard Drive Space: 84 MB
Recommended System Requirements
System: Pentium-90 or equivalent
RAM: 32 MB

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