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Utility Vehicles Simulator 2012

Utility Vehicles Simulator 2012

Take charge of various municipal and private contracts in a freely-accesible city with Utility Vehicles Simulator 2012.

Use different vehicles to fulfill diverse tasks: Shorten or cut tree branches in the city center with the help of working platforms or repair lanterns in an industrial area, use special vacuum- and high-pressure vehicles to clean sewers and cordon of areas such as events or road construction sites with barrier bands and warning beacons. There always will be plenty to do!

Keep an eye on your financial situation and manage your fleet. Refuel and repair your vehicles, so that they are ready to take on new missions. The machinerys controls include almost all functions of their real life-models, which will enable you to immerse yourself this interesting professional field.

  • Windows XP (SP3)/ Vista/7
  • 2GHz Processor Dual core 2 or similar AMD
  • 2GB RAM
  • GeForce 6x/Radeon X1000
  • DirectX 9.0c

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