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Wall E

Wall E

Released concurrently with the Pixar/Disney major motion picture release of the same name, WALL·E is the story of the little robot that could. Due to rampant consumerism, sometime in the near future, the Earth is so covered with trash and pollution that it forces an exodus off the planet. But before humanity departs they build millions of little robots programmed to clean up the planet. Unfortunately, the cleanup program doesn’t go quite as planned, leaving the cleanup solely in the hands of our little robot hero WALL·E and his love interest EVE.

Re-live some of the movie’s most thrilling moments.

 Enjoy new storylines and explore massive environments not seen in the film.

 Play as WALL·E and EVE as you interact with a multitude of robots & characters

o WALL·E compacts trash to create powerful cubes and uses them to alter the environment, solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

o EVE has fast-flying action and exploration with shooter-flight game play.

o Both can use lasers to blast enemies and obstacles

 Huge variety of game play on over 9 action-packed levels.

 Shooting, flying, racing, co-op play, navigational challenges, and even arcade style games.

 Multi-player challenges (up to 4 person multi-player) and tons of mini-games & activities.

 Features major movie “Voice” talent, including Ben Burtt. 

Windows XP/Vista
Intel Pentium IV 1.5GHz Processor
2GB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0c
64MB Nvidia GeForce FX/ATI Radeon 9500 Video Card
16-Bit Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
2X DVD-ROM Drive

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